Essendon Kids Nursery and Kindergarten

being green

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At Essendon Kids we are as concerned about the environment as you are. That is why we have taken steps within our centre to be enviromentally friendly. In our program we educate children about nature and the environment so they can develop positive habits and attitudes towards being environmentally friendly.
As water supplies are increasingly under pressure through climate change we have planned to help conserve and reduce our water consumption.

Our basement stores 4 x 10,000 litre water tanks. These tanks collect rainwater and will be used in the warmer months for irrigation and in the cooler months flushing waste.

Our windows are double insulated to retain heat during winter and keep cool during summer, in turn help reduce our energy consumption. Each room controls their own heating and cooling.

Our building has energy efficient lighting throughout.

In our art activates we aim to use recycled paper and materials.

We aim to reduce our use of paper by emailing newsletters and fee statements.

Our centre is cleaned with eco-friendly products which is not only good for the environment but also for us.

We are currently looking into green energy and other ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.